Amplify your impact,
income, and influence

with the council of visionary business builders

Your impact: enduring.
Your income: certain.
Your influence: amplified.


Here’s a happy bottom line: they can all happen at the same time!

Just because you’re an established entrepreneur who has experienced some success doesn’t mean your current workhorse/overdrive approach is the only way to keep growing.

Because, if you feel like…


  • You’re isolated and tired of doing this entrepreneur thing alone…
  • You realize that what got you here won’t get you to the next level…
  • You currently make all of the big decisions on your own and you worry that you may be missing something…
  • Your current level of income isn’t sustainable without your personal time and perpetual effort and that feels like a scary trap…
  • You’re in charge of so many things in your business that you are in danger of burning out…
  • You spend all of your time running your business and there’s no time left for acquiring new skills to grow in your role…
  • You know there’s untapped potential within your existing business but you struggle to see it…
  • You consistently sacrifice family events, workouts, and you take work with you on vacation…


It’s time to outsmart the hustle and evolve your business with the help of others.

Self-Made is a myth. The truth is no one ever does it alone.
We need other people to lean on and to learn from.

A One-Of-A-Kind Solution:
The Council of Visionary Business Builders


The Philosophy is simple:

You’ll plan, design and grow a scalable business that elevates your position as a profitable business builder and aligns with the legacy that you want to create.


In order to bust through the $250k+ per year barrier, we will…

Narrow your focus and have you doing more of the work that only you can do while getting the rest off your plate.

Optimize a simple and scalable business model that doesn’t depend entirely on you.

Amplify your impact so you can reach more people with your thoughts and ideas.

In this six month Council, we’ll deepen and expand your impact, income, and influence while having a helluva lot of fun doing it!

What is The Council?

The Council is a curated, intentional community of mission-driven business owners that is limited to just 12 people.

The main focus of the Council is to empower visionary entrepreneurs and leaders to stand out, scale up and make a positive impact through their businesses. It is a bold and sacred space for connecting and sharing with other high-performing entrepreneurs. The primary objective is to fuel impact-driven expansion and growth that is scalable, sustainable and profitable.

This is not a membership site, an e-course or a mass event. It is an intimate collection of 10-12 highly curated entrepreneurs that are fiercely dedicated to making an impact by doing good.


Each council Cohort meets for six months

Success Stories

“To be able to have people that I could share ideas with…has really made a huge difference for me.

Coming into the council, I was in a big shift in my business going from focusing solely on video, to stepping out into being a thought-leader, a teacher, a community builder and I didn’t necessarily have a lot of support. So to be able to have people that I could share ideas with, as well as really hold space for me whenever I had moments of personal self-doubt and when I’m not sure if everything is going to work out, to have others I can relate to and also see that they were going through the same thing – that really made a huge difference for me.”

– Yasmin Nguyen

“I’ve really fine-tuned a lot of my processes so at this point my business feels like it runs on autopilot and I just show up. I have multiple streams of income, and they’re all up.

There’s a lot of goal setting — every 2 weeks we go through the process. For me, I would start with ‘what did I say I was going to do and did that happen?’ And maybe it got done, or maybe it shifted, maybe something else was created but forcing every 2 weeks to reevaluate what I’m working on translated into getting a lot of shit done.”

– Michael Riscica

“We’re just a bunch of kickass, questioning, philosophical entrepreneurs, and when we come together, it feels like we’ve formed the ‘A-Team’.

If you’ve taken the leap to become an entrepreneur, then you also need to take the leap to support and ensure the success of that endeavor, and it’s hugely gratifying and very rewarding to get that from others who are experiencing something similar.”

– Holly Vetrone

“I have a lot of things going on… and I knew that if I wanted to move forward and actually do these things that I wanted to do, I need to have focus, coaching, and a community that I could rely on for support.

If I didn’t have someone requiring me to be on a call, something to deliver, or something to post, if someone weren’t holding me accountable to do those things, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

– Thubten Comerford


You’re a mission-driven entrepreneur that wants to break free from constant hustle mode and leverage your expertise + knowledge to elevate your impact, income and influence.

You are committed to taking action over perfection and you’re willing to contribute to creating a safe space – to explore uncomfortable questions, challenges and ideas.

Your business is on track to generating at least $100k+ this year and you’re 100% committed to scaling up your mindset, strategy and level of execution.

You want to build a world-class business that fuels your desired lifestyle – while unapologetically showing up to realize your fullest potential.


We Are Visionary Business Builders! We are the disruptors of the status quo. We are the antidote to business as usual. We shine possibility in a world full of doubt. We incite hope, build trust, and craft genius. Fear will not decide our fate. And failure will only inform us, not deter us. We are the creators, the leaders, the doers. Our time is now. To boldly embrace the adventure of a lifetime. To stand for a new way of doing business. To unapologetically follow our hearts instead of following the herd. To create a legacy of possibility. We step forward with courage – even in the face of doubt. We are grounded in the awareness that success isn’t a solo act and that by working together, we can succeed far beyond our wildest dreams. We are audacious. We are adventurous. We are Visionary Entrepreneurs!


…that elevating our impact is an opportunity to do more good in the world.

…that entrepreneurs are only as great as the communities that shape them.

…that profits are important, but so is generating valuable social impact.

…that diversity is what drives innovation and generates better ideas.

… that the most powerful way to build community is often around a campfire or a great meal.

…that if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.

…that the more great people you know, the easier it is to achieve your vision.

“If you want to go far, go together.”
– African Proverb


It takes a village to grow a business.

And creating more impact, income and influence isn’t a solo act – it takes an all-star cast. It’s important to gather traveling companions that will cheer you on for that next big step.

Here’s the thing, the more you elevate, the more difficult it is to have meaningful, deep relationships – since your peers must grow with you in order for the relationship to work.

The Council will elevate you. Together.

When you are more ‘in-demand’ everyone wants to connect with you. Yet, as leaders, we are still – for the most part – disconnected and lonely with barely anyone to talk to about our challenges – let alone other high performers who can truly see and challenge us.

The Council will leverage the impact of powerful peers.

In order to grow, you need to create explicit actions and dynamic relationships. Strategy is complex but executing requires simplicity – from operations to marketing, finances to sales, team building to client support.

The Council will turn your strategy and plans into clear results.


We are excited to help you focus on what really counts – to fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of YOU through a curated community of visionary entrepreneurs.



“No one is born a visionary. You cultivate that sh*t.”
– Tom Bilyeu

The Details

3-Day Adventure Retreat

If you know me, you know I love adventure and play. Going on retreat is a rare opportunity to step away from the day-to-day routines of your business and dive deeply into BE-ing, planning and creating from a new perspective. Your 3-Day Adventure Retreat will include the following:

  • All meals for the duration of the retreat.
  • On Day 1, we’ll spend time unpacking your current challenges and goals in a hot seat format. Each Council member will have an opportunity to share where they’re at and where they want to go. Then, we’ll all pitch in to help.
  • On Day 2, we’ll spend the day adventuring! There will be playing. There will be hiking. And there will be lots of time for relaxing individually or connecting with others.
  • On Day 3, we’ll explore the biggest expression you can imagine for yourself. You will identify your biggest barriers and claim your authority as a visionary entrepreneur.
In-Person Council Intensives in Portland Oregon

You will attend (2) Two-Day Council Intensives in Portland Oregon. The first Group Intensive will be scheduled on a Friday/Saturday to kick off your Council experince. The second Group Intensive will be schedule on a Friday/Saturday to wrap up your Council expereince.

When we come together for these Council Intensives, we’ll roll up our sleeves and do the work together. In these sessions, our primary focus will be:


  • The mindset of growing a ‘difference-making’ business.
  • Leveraging your expertise into a proven framework.
  • The value of productizing services.
  • Maximizing current & future revenue.
  • Creating or modifying for a more scalable business model.
  • Optimizing the capacity of your current business model.
  • Crafting a 90-day plan that maps to your vision.

Council Circles

Council Circles are monthly hot seat style discussions. These are monthly recurring sessions that help to develop deep rapport and discuss the hardest hitting issues that each of the Council members are facing as well as identifying opportunities for growth.


  • Council Circles create a container of safety, inquiry, and accountability from which the authentic, resilient entrepreneur within you can emerge. These sessions involve a mix of coaching, guidance on business strategy, facilitated group exploration, and time to process pressing issues and concerns.
  • Council Circles meet virtually (via Zoom), for 2 hours, once per month.
  • The intention of Council Circles is to leverage the power of the collective, celebrate wins and accomplishments, and gain valuable support around current struggles, roadblocks and issues.
Monthly 1:1
Mentoring Sessions

You and I will meet once per month for 60-minutes to assess your greatest opportunity for leveling up your income, impact and influence.


  • Each personal coaching session is designed to guide your priorities over the following month, provide strategy and feedback, and clear up any lingering issues.
  • We’ll pinpoint at least one important area of focus and identify next actions on your most important objectives.
  • I will make sure that you are focused on the right things to move your business forward, based on your goals and the stage of business that you are in.

Trusted Advisors

You’ll have exclusive access to highly experienced entrepreneurs that have been hand-selected by Michael to provide an additional level of support for you. These are seasoned entrepreneurs that are in the trenches and currently running $1M+ service businesses. You’ll learn from the best-of-the-best through interactive discussions with industry leading entrepreneurs that have created their own impact through the principles that are internalized in the Council.

Private Community Access

You’ll have access to the private Council of Visionary Business Builders virtual community to keep the conversations going between the Intensives, Retreat and Council Circles. This is an easy way for everyone to stay connected, ask for feedback, share updates or seek advice. It’s also a place to access your peers for regular input as well as sharing ideas, resources, solutions, strategies and more. This virtual community will be a fantastic way to deepen your experience in The Council as well as ask for and receive help whenever and wherever you need it.

This is the preeminent accelerator for scaling up your mission-driven business!

You will become part of something special…part of an intimate cohort of no more than 10-12 impact-driven service entrepreneurs and emerging business builders who will be selected based on shared values, a proven track record of achievement and a fierce commitment to building a world-class business.

Success Stories

“I felt this really strong calling that the way I need to better deliver and make the world a better place needed to come through the way that I make a living for myself and support myself.

So, that was the call to shift my business, and I knew that in order to do that, I would need a lot of support along the way. I didn’t quite realize how much emotional support and morale that I would need in the process, but I felt really held and comfortable in a community of peers and folks that I could talk shop with very consciously and excitedly.”

– Julie Williams

“I was able to meet all of my goals in my business over the last 6 months.

I’ve definitely been able to get a lot more focus in my business because that’s what we’ve been focused on during the last 6 months. Michael has taught us a really simple but effective way of focusing on the most important thing that we need to get done, and then having accountability by showing up at these live sessions, and him holding us accountable during our calls has been super helpful.”

– Kate Sanderson-Holly

“One of my biggest challenges is analysis-paralysis, or overthinking things, or complicating things…

I’m just such an external processor so getting to talk out and talk through of where I get stopped, or hesitate, or procrastinate, or feel like I don’t have clarity, and being able to bring that to the table and have other people mirror that back to me… is probably the biggest gift.”

– Marli Wiliams

“I just really needed some help. I was at the startup stage of my coaching business, and I felt like I just needed more support and accountability.

I found that my message was really unclear, and on the one hand I felt like it was okay because I was experimenting and trying new things, but being in a group of people that I could experiment with, and talk it out, and hearing other people’s reflections of what they thought, and what they saw in me… that was really powerful.”

– Danielle Ewalt


investment: $7,500 or pay in monthly installments

Once accepted, you will secure your spot in the Council with a deposit of $500 (which will be applied toward your balance due).

Why the six-month commitment? We’re looking to build a strong community of Visionary Business Builders! The six-month commitment ensures that you and your fellow Council members are fully engaged in the process of asking for help, building bonds, generating momentum, and unapologetically showing up to realize your full potential as a visionary entrepreneur.